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Project 05


Ireland — 1970s, a land gripped by the steely hand of the Roman Catholic Church. What better place for the Devil to plant his seed? 


Abigail is a seventeen-year-old girl who finds herself pregnant after a blurry night of passion with a suave British soldier. The stain of her original sin turns family and friends against Abigail leaving her increasingly isolated and vulnerable. As she struggles to regain control over her life she finds herself wishing to be rid of her unborn child.

Cast out by society and marred by her unmarried pregnancy Abigail is forced into the brutal confines of a Mother and Baby home. Run with a rod of Iron by the Nuns Abigail finds herself in increasingly desperate circumstances. A series of disturbing dreams and strange apparitions convince her that the child she is carrying is not of this world, but nobody believes her. She is determined to abort the child but first she must escape the confines of her new prison. 

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